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I should have opened this space earlier ..
Your feedback would be appreciated ! Thank you for your support !! by kairai1414^^

it would be appreciated that you'll post here also ~|

Comments & Feedback since I started this service.
http://jpopmusic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=64042&hilit=auction&start=660 post Wed May 12, 2010 10:58 pm
http://jpopmusic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=64042&start=885 post Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:06 pm

bidding history

Thank You so much for your comments and support !!


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Great communication, friendly to deal with, and very understanding~ Put up with my (increasingly large) request :P. Recommended!

Will definitely come back ^-^! Thanks again!
I have asked kairai1414 to help me out a couple of times with his deputy service and both have been very pleasant experiences :)

The first was for an auction bid, which eventually didn't work out, but kairai1414 promptly refunded the full amount back to me which was very reassuring.

The second time, I requested his services for buying items from an online shop and he was able to get me the items without any problems whatsoever.

Both times he has been prompt in replying and corresponds well in English. His rates are fair and I like that he gives options for shipping (as opposed to only offering EMS).

Overall a great service, if I ever need something from Japan again I’ll definitely come back! :)
I really really happy with kairai1414's shopping service.
I'm always wanting to buy alot of things and there's times i always can't decide to buy or not and i keep sending to much emails about changing my mind, I'm so sorry for those times. And even though i'm so annoying, you're still so nice. thank you very very much and i hope you'll continue your shopping service ^^


A great proxy buyer with awesome communication and great response time. Although I kept on adding to my order at various times, there were no mixups. Everything was packaged wonderfully and arrived in perfect condition.

Thank you again! ^.^
:D second package recieved~!
thank you for everything! and i know i still owe you money XD i'm working on it on paying you back!

anyways, really great service and really trustworthy ^^
also, super great communication!!!!

thank you so much!!


Used kairai's shopping service and fanclub service, both were extraordinary experiences! Great service, perfect communication & speed. Thank you so much! Very recommended.
His service is really GREAT~! I have been getting order from him since a year ago. All of the question i ask and thing are shipped to me are nicely pack. Two thumb up d ^^ b

Positive! ^^

Engaged Kairai's auction service. He is extremely patient, very understanding, and super friendly. Highly recommended~! ^^

He put up with my humongous order, which increases and dragged on for 4 months. >.< Thanks for your kindness and patience! It was fabulous engaging your service. (:


First time buying from Kairai-san. He is very nice and friendly, helping me find some of my wish-listed items (more to come!). Not only that, he was very nice to talk to and I would definitely recommend him! \(^o^)/ EXCELLENT SERVICE <3

I will definitely come back :D Thank you so much, Kairai-san!
Extremely helpful.
Was very patient with my orders and definitely provided great communication.
Shipping was prompt and cheap.
Will definitely use this shopping service again.^~^


3rd time using this shopping service ^_^!!!! i really like it and i would continue using this! thanks so much! everything's very fast and kairai1414 replies really fast too ! thanks again!

Positive !!! A+ Recommended

Package arrived safe and sound, Prices are fair, Perfect communication, Extremely friendly, understanding and patient !
Excellent Service!!!
I ordered multiple things and constantly changed my mind thus taking a very long time and a hassle yet Kairai1414 still perfectly handled it!
Very Happy ! Will definitely use again!
Thank you so much!!! ^0^

Positive! ☆

First time using Kairai's services; this time, I used his shopping service. The whole process was really smooth, fees were great, perfect communication, really friendly and helpful :) My products arrived in perfect condition, nicely packaged.

I'll definitely use it again!!! :D


Kairai wasn't able to bid on a few items for me but it couldn't be helped because he was busy and there was only a few hours left to the auction. He apologized for that and refunded me the amount left over.
The items that he was able to get for me were shipped quickly and arrived in great condition! The Hello Kitty note was cute! :)
Overall, great service and reasonable fees! I would love to use his service again. :D


This was my first time using Kairai's service to bid on some items on Yahoo auction. He replied to my emails quickly and also bid on the items promptly.
After recieving the items he let me know when they were shipped out. Even with SAL shipping I recieved the items very quickly and they were shipped very safely. Kairai's fee is reasonable as well and he is very nice.
I will definitely use Kairai's service again in the future!
Thank you!

A+ positive!

Picked up my parcel from the post office just a few hours ago. I haven't got a single complaint :D

I'm amazed my erratic "ohmigod, this is getting so horribly expensive (I mean the auction here), let's find a cheaper option!"-flailing was met with cool patience and understanding. Communication was always as prompt as possible, given we're in different time zones; shipping was also fast and the whole process went very smoothly overall. I'm very happy to have received my item without a problem.

Thank you so much~ :)


This is my second time using Kairai-san's services.
Great communication and excellent service. Got my items in time~

Thank you very much (∩^ω^∩)
This was my first time using Kairai's services for Yahoo!Auctions, and it really was a great choice :) Reasonable fees, and he had no problem with handling my long list of auction requests and my indecision when it came to shipping it xD I've just received my package through SAL, nicely package and everything in perfect condition. I'll be definitely using it again!
Thank you so much again! and thanks for being paitient with me ;D

I used this service to buy a photobook off a japanese auction site.
Shopping service person is very nice, organize, and fast communication! <3


I would like to thank you for making this the best Valentine day ever XD! i received my item on yesterday! XD!!

Anyways! i used kairai1414's service and i got to say, it's one of the best!
i bought from two other services before this and the fee is always so high, but with kairai1414, they make it the cheapest and fairest! I WILL DEFINITELY USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN!! they are trustworthy and tell you honestly, also prompted with reply too! so i totally recommend kairai1414's service! ^^

You'll hear from me again in the future! XD
Used this (FC) service for the first time.. It’s great! Kairai-san is so nice & friendly. Thanks for the patience answering me questions XDD
Yeah, I’d love to use this service again in the future ;3
Thank you very much ~(=^‥^)/。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ありがとニャ!

I love Kairai-san's service, communication and as always, his friendly attitude :)

His proxy service is the first and only service I've ever used and I don't regret it one bit ^ ^ This is probably the 4th or 5th time I've used his services and I highly recommend him :D
Thank you soo much!
I recieved my cds very quickly and safely. I ordered 4 CDs off yahoo auctions and Kairai helped me bid on them at different intervals.
Best Japan auction service!
Thank you!

This was my first time using Kairai-san's shopping service. He answered my questions/inquiries quickly, and was very friendly and polite. He kept me updated on the status of my order, and the overall process was very efficient - I especially love the final Excel breakdown of prices and fees.

My books arrived in pristine condition, and quite quickly even with SAL shipping; they were packed nicely in a box with additional padding. Wonderful service all around - I definitely recommend his service.

Thank you!
I've bought from Kairai once again, and the experience has been great as always! I just got my package and everything came neatly. I'll be definitely back soon! :D
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