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Dec. 31st, 2037

[sticky post] Survey for my service :D

Thank you for supporting my service as always , I'm always thinking to improvde my services.

could you kindly try this survery for furture services ?

Survey in English:
In Spanish: https://japaneseculture.typeform.com/to/UzwlgX
In Portuguese: https://japaneseculture.typeform.com/to/eteS8D

Jan. 20th, 2030

Welcome to my livejournal ~Your deputy in Japan ~

代bid日本各大拍賣場及郵購入日本各類型網站 Help you to buy or bid any items in Japan on behalf of you

in 2004 , I was asked to bid a certain Jpop Album in yahoo auction  by one of my friends. He also asked me to purchase  Ayumi Hamsaki arena tour goods also. I browsed some auction sites and online shops , I didn't notice that many sellers wouldn't send overseas  until then .... That's the reason I decided to start this service.

Our Services
1.Auction Bidding Deputy
2.Shopping Deputy
- Pre-order any items - Tickes orders 

- Request Award (全員サービス zenin service , 全員プレゼント zenin present etc、応募特典) 

3.Fanclub Subscribe Deputy
4.Search items
5.Sell your items in Yahoo Japan Auction or something like that.Locally produced items are welcomed.

6.Deputy shipping to your customers directly !

Hope you can enjoy your life with any Japanese items.

Latest info about my service @ Livejournal
Comments & Feedbacks @ Livejournal
if you have any questions , feel free to contact me or post here

my facebook 

Since Feb 2008 Japan Auction & Shopping Agency(kairai)

Jan. 17th, 2030

What's new !

Nothing special though , just inform we still provide the service ^-^
contact me through facebook if you have an interest in buying something from Japan :3
not only retail , can provide wholesale also :3

Still active btw XD

Still active , so hectic XD
Nothing special though , just inform we still provide the service ^-^
while 5 ~ 9 Dec and 28 Dec ~ 3 Jan , I'm in Tokyo or somewhere near.so it's likely that my reply delay somehow.
2014 last shipping day is 27 Dec.
now we can accept buying from this app , specialized for Otaku goods (Anime,comic,game related goods)

Now we can accept buying through twitter ^^


Dear my customers
It's really surprising that such big company , Yahoo , their mail service is still down.
I'm not sure whether many customers who contacted through few days ago , can view here though,
in case you sent mail to kairai1414@yahoo.co.jp , you must receive returned mails.
Could you kindly send the same mail to kairai.DRN@gmail.com , sorry for inconvenience _(_ _)_


Dear my customers
Since 9:00 Sep 30th (jptime) yahoo.co.jp mail service has been down , if you happen to send to kairai1414@yahoo.co.jp , it's likely that yahoo can't receive , could you kindly send to kairai.DRN@gmail.com if it's urgent , sorry for inconvenience _(_ _)_

Auction fee table will be revised soon !

New Service "Easy Doujinshi Buying" updated , it became more reasoanble !

from now on , we can buy from through those flee market apps ^^


I can't ship on 29 June , sorry ><

New Service "Easy Doujinshi Buying" started.
Mainly for the people who want just 1 or 2 books to save domestic shipping fee , please visit here ! http://japanauction.byethost11.com/?page_id=524

Thank you for your support as always , We will renew my current sevice and start new service in May also ^-^

while 28 Dec~ 3 Jan, can't ship anything ~
unlike before I can accept orders this years' end ^^

So sorry in advance , I can't reply on 29 Nov coz of business trip.
and I think I can't ship any items on 1 Dec.

So sorry in advance , I think I can't ship any items on 10 Nov.

So sorry in advance , I think I can't ship any items on 20, 21 July , 17 ,18 Aug , 14 ,15 Sep.

So sorry in advance , I think I can't ship any items 1,2,8,9 June.

Fanclub deputy page updated , you can choose any Fanclub you wanna join easiler than before :D

my web will be down for a while to migrate to paid hosting service :o

online shopping shop links updated :D

Doujinshi & Doujin items online shops

Visual Rock & Jpop items online shops

 while 11 ~ 14 Aug , I'll go back to my hometown , can access to internet though , it's not likely that I can't reply promptly like before ~

 I have to move to another city , it's likely that I can't reply soon while 14 ~ 16 July. sorry for inconvenience _(_ _)_

 Auction comission was revised ~ http://japanauction.byethost11.com/?page_id=243

Sshopping comission was revised ~ http://japanauction.byethost11.com/?page_id=2402011/07/18
New Service
Deputy shopping & shipping to your customers directly
Started XD

Fee and Payment page updated

Summer vacation 12 Aug ~ 15 Aug , can't be online ~

I have to travel for 2 days , sorry in advance that I can't reply promptly :o

Yahoo mail does't work well in recent days , if you have not received my reply , could you kindly send to
japanauctionagency at gmail.com or send PM via facebook ?

I have to travel  since 26 ~ 28 May because my boss ordered me , so it's a bit hard to bid and reply.
so sorry for inconvenience _(_ _)_

Fortunately internet service became available soon after I moved , so I restarted my service today !

I have to move again , so it's a bit difficult to provide my service till 9 May , I'm so sorry for inconvenience ><

2011/03/22 New payment method
from now on , we can accept payment via Western Union !!

                   My deputy sevice started again !!

                    I'm so sorry I have to add wrapping fee reflecting my service, sorry for inconvenience... :o

2011/03/12 Big Earthquakes hit Japan
Just hasten to inform you that I'm fine fortunately. I'm so sorry for letting you so worried.

2011/03/06 New payment method
                      from now on , we can accept payment via MoneyGram !!

2011/01/17 Searching for a missing person "brenda.jimie at hotmail.com" , if anyone knows , please tell me ~

2011/01/10 Paypal payment button added at frontpage
                      my paypal account address was not described at my web ,
                      it's a bit confusing when you need to bid the items that will end within few hours.
                      so I added paypal payment button.
                      though when using that button you can't choose personal payment :o

2011/01/09 though it's a bit late ..
A Happy New Year !! Thak you so much for your support last year.
                 Looking forward to more business with you this year ~ XD
                      I started new deputy service , if you want me to provide other deputy service ,
         it would be appreciated that you'll tell me ~ feel free to contact me or post here

2010/11/08 Non businessday info
                       Nov 21~23 , Dec 29 ~ Jan 2

2010/10/01 New Service start officially !
                        Concert & live tickets deputy started.

2010/09/15 New Service start !!
                       全サzenin service , 全プレzenin present etc、応募特典 apply deputy

2010/08/09  12 ~ 16 Aug , I can't provide deputy service because of no internet connection.

Jan. 16th, 2030

Comments & Feedback

I should have opened this space earlier ..
Your feedback would be appreciated ! Thank you for your support !! by kairai1414^^

it would be appreciated that you'll post here also ~|

Comments & Feedback since I started this service.
http://jpopmusic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=64042&hilit=auction&start=660 post Wed May 12, 2010 10:58 pm
http://jpopmusic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=64042&start=885 post Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:06 pm

bidding history

Thank You so much for your comments and support !!

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